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turned in the 1st paper of grad school.  Feels so good to have it out of my hands now.  In about a week I'll have to start freaking out again as it'll be time for it to return with a grade on it....
Have done a couple smaller assignments since then.
Starting a web page design assignment.  We have to choose a topic regarding "information technology" and design a webpage about said topic.  So I chose Music information technology and am now in that happy nerdvana stage where something I love to read about and often blabber about becomes useful in the real world (well, school, anyway).  properties of soundwaves, analog vs. digital recording (records, CDs, or mp3s?), what is an mp3 and is it different than .wav?  what does compressing a song do to the quality? just how does the Shazam app work? these and other exciting things... XDD

My weekends are god awful long and I haven't been able to find a job yet...[not that I've actually looked yet.  Still haven't received my Canadian equivalent of a SSN, so kind of illegal to actually pay me for my services.] I'm super excited about the possibilities though--so many THINGS and PLACES and PEOPLE.  I love big cities.
So in place of only having massive amounts of required reading and extremely limited funds I've also been watching lots and lots of tv/movies.  Powerwatched the first 3 seasons of Games of Thrones over the last weekend.  Taking a small break before i start the fourth... It's quite good, though not nearly as amazing as the obsession people have seems to suggest.
Outlander!! (power watched all 8 episodes in one sitting)  AMAZING!!!  This was one of the first romance novels my mom let me read while I was growing up and has kind of become the standard to which all others are compared.
Finished all of Big Bang Theory.
A fun new(ish) version of the old story.  too bad it was canceled after 10 episodes.  I would have liked to see where it took the story.
Morganville Vampires webseries. ridiculous. but fun. and each episode is only 8 minutes long.  And amber benson from BtVS is evil vampire queen-type.  so that's fun.
The Librarians. I'm kind of going to school to be a librarian, so it's like required, right?  I'd watched the movies before (bought them, cherished their addition to my seemingly random movie collection).  I love the ridiculous levels of cheese and adventure.  but I don't really like episodic shows, so I hope it evolves it's storytelling just a little bit more as it seems to be heading towards...maybe.
the Mortal Instruments - so sad that they decided not to make the others in the series.  I thought it was quite good for what it was.  Plus, Jonathon Rhys Meyers makes all things ok.
Only Lovers Left Alive - I love vampires.  Love music.  but found it kind of boring. like, what was the point?
Guardians of the Galaxy - all it was cracked up to be.

etc, etc.
but I'm looking for more history/fantasy or urban fantasy type stuff--the kind that really focuses on characters and their development/interactions as they exist within the epic situation rather than focusing on the epic situation as the main moving force of the story, you know what I mean?  any recommendations???
Tags: grad school, movies, tv series
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