Marie (noclue2) wrote,

webpage suck

I feel so guilty everytime I get on to LJ right now because I've yet to reply to several comments on my last post.  I've replied in my head, I swear!  I read them all!

But I am so stressed out about this project for school and it's ridiculous.  We have to build an 18 pg website.  And it's not just a free for all, but there's all these little details we have to include.  And ALL the media we use has to have permission for use. and we have to do a giant research project to provide the content for the site.  But most of all, I had everything done, except there's something wrong.  Because it's not working.  at all. and I can't find any errors in the coding.  But it's NOT linking to my external CSS sheet and we have to use this horribly non-intuitive program (free!--- get what you pay for), KompoZer, for the project.  So I'm not at all sure if it's the program and there's a button somewhere I didn't push or if there's something wrong with the code or ???

So after it didn't work for several days, I deleted it and tried again.  And again. and again.  and now I'm pretty much at ground ZERO with a week left.

I'm so tired of computer-ing. 
Tags: class, internet, school
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