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I finished the website project.  It basically looks roughly the same as one I designed for a similar project back in 10th grade.  So, obviously, that was a great use of my time.  [insert eye roll here]

But at least now I can move onto other projects.  Sometimes I get a little too caught up in homework and lose sight of my goal to keep a balance on life.  I guess that's why it's something I'm working on, because it's something that still happens so easily.  I'm still struggling to establish any life outside of school.  I've only this week started chatting with a couple of Japanese people from a language exchange site.  Those usually fizzle out really fast though are always fun for a while.  I haven't been practicing, so it's quite a challenge to remember how to string sentences together!
And I found a local writing club--I really want to attend and meet up with other writers.  I think that might be a good group for me outside of school.

We only have two more weeks of class, which seems really strange to me.  Even at my undergrad with 12 week semesters we finished the year closer to June.  I don't feel like I've learned enough to be finishing a semester yet.  The worst part is all the ads for summer/winter term jobs have appeared.  So simultaneously we're all attempting to finish the last two weeks of school (everything is DUE!), while competing for the limited amount of school provided work-learn jobs.
I don't actually know what minimum wage is here, but the school's library jobs pay about 3 times as much as I was earning in Idaho.  So, basically I can work part time here and make the same amount as my full-time Walmart job at home.  That's pretty awesome.  Of course, cost of living here is also more...
Tags: grad school, job hunting
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