Marie (noclue2) wrote,

the end of the beginning. again.

My first semester of grad school isn't officially over, I still have two assignments left to turn in, but my last class was yesterday.  Summer semester starts the second week of May, so I have roughly three weeks of downtime.  I'm looking forward to it, I hope to find a few amazing books at the library, maybe do some touristy things.  I've been talking to my parents about meeting for a couple days in Seattle to go see an exhibit on Pompeii.  I think it would be really cool.  The best part of this plan, is convincing my parents to bring me more of my stuff from their house, so I can have more stuff here.  I love my stuff! haha. yes, I'm super materialistic and attached to my stuff.  I'm excited about the possibility of reacquainting myself with my waffle iron. and my swimsuit. and my yoga mat. and whatever else I can think of between now and then...

I've started applying to jobs in the area.  I've had one interview so far, which is actually better than what I had back in Idaho.  It took me about 200 resumes before I got an interview there and only about 10 here. . . even though the interview sucked and I didn't get the job at least I had an inteview.  That makes me feel better about my prospects here.  I guess we'll see if that feeling actually turns out to be right.  That's another thing I plan for the three week break between semesters--send out more resumes.  Fingers crossed that I either find something that is completely stress free, or at least tangentially related to my studies.

Interviewing, however, has brought back a whole bunch of feelings that basically sum up to social inadequacy.  It's hard enough to talk to people I actually like, let alone to complete strangers.  And if I have to rely on the interview process to determine my job then I'm never going to have a good job...because people don't generally like me very much. Especially not upon the first meeting.
Oh well, it's just a feeling.  I'll get over it.  I hope.
Tags: grad school, job hunting
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