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It feels like I've been on summer break forever, and a little like it'll never end.  But I suppose its actually a little more than half over.  I feel like I shouldn't complain about having such a break, and my parents trained me to never complain that something is "boring," but I'm nearing that point.  I watch tv/movies, read books from the library, and go on walks because these are all things that are free.  Considering the fact, that basically, I own nothing and can't afford to buy anything--I need a hobby.  haha. such is life.

I ended up going to Seattle for a weekend to meet-up with my sister and parents.  Basically I ended up spending four days laying in her yard, sleeping in the sun--like a giant lizard.
The reason for the visit, of course, was to see a special travelling exhibit on Pompeii.  It was pretty awesome.  The exhibit was basically arranged like we wandering through a giant roman villa, from room to room, with all the appropriate artifacts in each room.  Then through the garden and through a few various town buildings--theater, brothel, etc.  Then we ascended to another floor where they introduced us more specifically to the day of the famous eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.  This was done by locking us in a giant room with a movie screen that reenacted (sort of) the eruption.  Shaking the floor and walls,"smoke" filling the room, and the loud sound of earth moving until you couldn't feel, see, hear, or think about anything else.  awesome.
Then led out of the room we found ourselves amongst the dead.  The reason Pompeii is so famous of course is because the way things were preserved by the ash, including people's last moments.  The plaster casts of the people were absolutely heart rending.

And then I came back to Vancouver and did massive amounts of nothing.  haha. no I've went dancing with friends a couple times, and generally hung-out with my librarian friends.  But still, mostly empty days here.

I have an interview tomorrow for a VOLUNTEER position at Vancouver's "Bard on the Beach" which is basically their crazy expensive version of shakespeare in the park.  Crazy, to me, that I have to interview just to work for free...but I guess we'll see...

This has, of course, got me thinking about Shakespeare.  While I was working in data entry I listed to a lot radio theatre and dramatic readings of shakespeare--I worked my way through all his comedies.  This past semester I've been slowly working my way through the tragedies, in a mix of dramatic readings and live performances on youtube (did you know there's a romeo and juliet with orlando bloom? in one of those "modern" setting/original language versions?), but I realized I've NEVER read, heard, or seen (in their complete forms) any of the histories.  So, that's next I guess.

Then on Wednesday a concert starring THREE of my favorite bands ever--Septicflesh, Moonspell, and Deathstars.  Totally looking forward to it.


Then classes start the following week. Thank God! Something to do!

Oh and grades were finally posted for my semester.  I got 'A-'s, so I guess I'm happy with that, except this little part of me that isn't ever happy with my grades (because F*ckin' A minuses! GEEZ! lol)...
Tags: concert going, grad school, shakespeare, youtubes
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