May 11th, 2015

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2nd term START!

Technically, my second term of grad school started today, but realistically, my first class isn't until tomorrow, so...Today...I read 2 books and watch 2 episodes of outlander.  and that pretty much took the majority of the day.

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in other other news, my tumblr kicked me off a couple months(?) ago and I haven't been able to log-in since.  so that sucks.

Deathgaze's bassist, Kousuke, joined a new band and its not a VK band--it's a metal (core?) band of some sort.  it's probably horrible of me to feel this way, since I am a fan of several vk bands, but I'm a little proud.  Like, it was always my dream that Deathgaze would come out of their hiatus having reinvented themselves as a metal band rather than VK (it just seems like a logical progression, and the best way for them to grow, to me?)... so it is a little sad that so far, its only Kousuke (who was in a world touring metal band pre-deathgaze as well), but I have hopes for all of them! :p